Palouse Prairie Links 

Palouse prairie description, etc.

What is Palouse Prairie?
Biodiversity and Land-use History of the Palouse Bioregion: Pre-European to Present (Anne E. Black, J. Michael Scott, Eva Strand, R. Gerald Wright, Penelope Morgan, and Cortney Watson; USGS)
Palouse Dry Steppe Description (USDA Forest Service)
Palouse Grasslands EcoRegion (Conservation Biology Institute)
Changing Flora of the Palouse (WSU)
Source of the Peluse (1860 lithograph from I.I. Stevens)

Prairie restoration instructions from a variety of people

Converting turfgrass to native vegetation (Sage Notes; USDA Forest Service, Moscow Forestry Sciences Laboratory)
How to create a plot of Palouse prairie grassland in your own backyard (William Schlegel, 2001) [about 4 pages]
Outline of a Prairie Restoration (Heyne Custom Seed Services, Iowa, 1995)
Planting all at once (grasses and forbs) [about 2 pages with lots of typos]

Prairie Parcel Restoration (Lawrence Cwik; North Central Regional Education Library; 1994)
Ecological Restoration of High-diversity Prairie: PPRI's Basic Guide (Prairie Plains Journal #13; 1998) [about 10 pages]
To Restore A Prairie or Create A Prairie Garden (Prairies Forever)
Prairie Resources and Related Links (Prairies Forever)
Interactive prairie-building game, etc. University of Minnesota "Ideals" (1998)
Prairie Establishment and Landscaping (William E. McClain; Division of Natural Heritage, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Springfield, IL; Natural Heritage Technical Publication #2; 1997) -- Part I and II content links are broken; other pages are there.

Conservation Organizations

Palouse Land Trust
WSU NRCS Plant Materials Science Center
Idaho Native Plant Society
Washington Native Plant Society
Central Washington Native Plants
Palouse Water Conservation Network
Palouse Basin Water Summit
Palouse Audubon Society
Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute

Center for Plant Conservation
Center for Grassland Studies
Center for Prairie Studies
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Weed Science Society of America
Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

Prairie Remnants

Kamiak Butte [WSU Herbarium]
Zumwalt Prairie [The Nature Conservancy]
The National Bison Range (Palouse Prairie?)
Dancing Prairie Preserve (Montana)


Plants National Database
The PLANTS Database, produced by the USDA, is a single source of standardized information about plants. This database focuses on vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories.
Palouse plants database (Palouse Prairie Foundation)
The Internet Directory for Botany - Subject Category List
This is a good place to begin web searching for specific information about plants.  Search by selecting subject directories or by keyword using the IDB search engine.  Indexes over 4,000 botanical websites.
Kamiak Butte [WSU Herbarium]
Plants of the Rose Creek Preserve [WSU Herbarium]
Wild Flowers of the Sun Valley Highlands [Larkspur Books]
Central Washington Flora Project (Central Washington Native Plant List)
CalPhotos plants: scientific names
Ethnobotany, Culture, Management and Use of Common Camas (WSU NRCS Plant Materials Sciences Center)
Columbia River Gorge Wildflowers
Ecology of the Bunchgrass Zone (British Columbia)
Ethnobotany and Cultural Resources of the Washington State Department of Transportation
Grass Varieties in the United States
Grass Weed Seedling Key
Grasses of Montana (a technical key from Montana State University)
Grasses of the Columbia Basin of British Columbia
Idaho Conservation Data Center
Idaho Mountain Wildflowers
Illinois Plant Information Network (US Forest Service)
   Illinois does share some of our species and they have a good database on those
Jepson Flora Project, Jepson Online Interchange
Key To Tribes Of Grasses Represented in North America North of Mexico
Marion Ownbey Herbarium (Washington State University)
Montana State University Herbarium
Oregon State University Herbarium
Plants of Western Washington Collection
Intermountain Herbarium (Utah State University)
Native Plant Notebook (Umatilla National Forest)
Native Plant Workbook (Univ of Washington)
Natural History: Native Plants of British Columbia
WTU Herbarium Database (University of Washington)
Plants of the Lewis and Clark Trail (Clearwater National Forest)
Range Plants of Utah (Utah State University)
Southwest Colorado Wildflowers, Ferns, and Trees
Trees of the Pacific Northwest (Oregon State University)
Knowing Your Wood: How to Identify Trees
Weed Control Methods Handbook (The Nature Conservancy; April 2001)
Western Wetland Flora, Field Office Guide to Plant Species (US Geological Survey)
Wildflowers of North Idaho (U.S. Forest Service)
Field Guide to Forest Plants of Northern Idaho (U.S. Forest Service)
Wildflowers of the Kootenai National Forest
Wildflowers of the Southern Interior of British Columbia and adjacent parts of WA, ID and MT

Rare Plants

Silene spaldingii (Spalding's catchfly)
Aster jessicae (Jessica's aster)
Calochortus nitidus (broadfruit mariposa)
Cirsium brevifolium (Palouse thistle)
Haplopappus liatriformis (Palouse goldenweed)

Invasive Plants

Bryonia alba (white bryony) enshrouds hawthorns

Plant propagation / seed collecting

Native Plants Network plant propagation protocol database
    Native Plants Network protocols entered by WSU NRCS Plant Materials Science Center
Seed Characteristics of some Palouse Native Species (Palouse Prairie Foundation)
Community-based Seed Production (in Chicago) could serve as a model for Palouse Prairie.


Orthic Black Chernozems (UNBC)
Biological Soil Crusts Website





British Columbia Ministry of Forests Special Report Series Abstract Listing
Fire Effects Information System (U.S. Forest Service)
Palouse Discovery Science Center (Pullman, WA)